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5 Reasons To Choose An Office Refit Vs. Relocation

18 November 2019 | Sectors | News

It has long been established that the environment in which employees work has a direct impact on their wellbeing and productivity.

Research repeatedly shows that workplace design which prioritises lighting, layout, views onto nature, décor and air quality, has a significant impact on employees’ mental wellbeing, job satisfaction, health and productiveness.

For offices that don’t ‘make the grade’ in terms of boosting staff morale, wellbeing, creativity and productivity through the right layout, décor, furniture, lighting and more, office refits offer an invaluable investment for businesses of sectors and sizes.

Unlike relocating to a new office, refurbishing an existing workspace bypasses the stress and hassle of a move, as well as offering a wealth of other benefits for businesses.

If you’re deliberating whether to move office or upgrade your current workspace, take a look at the following five reasons to choose an office refit verses a relocation:

  • Create a tailored office design to cater specifically for your requirements

When you embark on an office refit project, you can create a workspace designed to cater for the bespoke requirements of your business.

For example, unlike moving to new premises where sometimes the design, layout and style of the office is decided for you, with an office fitout, you can craft a design, so it accommodates for the unique needs of your business.

You can choose the design of the workspace that can reflect your brand’s individual personality. You can use your vision of what the perfect office looks like for you and your team to modernise the office into a tailor-made workspace.

  • Develop an agile working environment

The concept of creating an agile working environment that provides employees with the freedom and flexibility to work in the best way possible, has been become an increasingly prolific workspace trend in recent years.

An agile working formula is centred on several crucial elements, namely crafting a layout that provides a variety of different work-settings enabling collaborative and individual work in and includes office furniture designed for flexibility and adaptiveness.

Rather than relocating to a new office that might not boast an agile working environment, when refitting an office, you can re-design the space, so it prioritises an agile working design to the wellbeing of members of staff.

  • Restructure team efficiency

The position that teams and departments are located within an office, can have a direct impact of workplace efficiency and productivity.

When refurbishing an office, you can use the time to evaluate the design of the office and reorganise it, so it maximises team effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Rebrand and reorganise your business

There’s no better time to rebrand and reorganise your business than during an office refurbishment.  This contrasts to an office relocation which, due to the stress and pressure of moving the business to a new location, there can be less time to think about a rebrand or reorganisation.

Without a costly move, an office refit is the perfect time to give your business a new image.

  • Revitalise the mood of the office

When walking into a stylish new office that’s designed specifically for the individual requirements of your teams and business, employees will feel revitalised and reenergised to take their working day by the horns and work with drive and enthusiasm.

How Orbit Architects can help you achieve the office refit you’re looking for

By partnering with workplace consultancy specialists Orbit Architects, you can make the most of your office refit, ensuring your workspace is designed for maximum efficiency.

Our experienced team of workplace consultants will evaluate your existing workspace and work with you to create an office designed for long-term success.

To discuss your unique office refit consultancy requirements, get in touch with the Orbit Architects today.