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8 December 2015 | Sectors | Workplace Consultancy


Space matters more than ever increasing demands on real estate, calls for improved wellness and constantly changing workstyles.

We balance spatial efficiency and business effectiveness. We evaluate potential buildings to ensure they can be configured to suit organisational requirements and the project objectives.

We work with developers, occupiers, users, contractors and consultants to deliver a unique workplace strategies on standalone and but also fit out, new build and refurbishment projects ranging from 3,500sqft to 1,000,000sqft.

Our experienced team will work with you on a structured path to provide continuity in decision making to create a workplace designed for long term success.  We believe it’s part of our specialism to understand the changing cultures and values of the workplace. We support organisations in developing business objectives, understand the demands to create and translate this in to a vision to realise a new tailor made workplace.

We are leading members in the workplace community and active members of CoreNet and UK Workplace Committee, British Council of Offices and Workplace Consulting Organisation (WCO).  We pride ourselves on research, understanding current trends and developing future initiatives.  We have created unique tools to aid our well established processes to deliver expectations.