Orbit Architects bring together big practice expertise, resources and systems with small practice care, enthusiasm and a friendly service to deliver thoughtful projects that add social and economic value to the built environment.

We are Orbit Architects

We are architects and interior designers.

We create places that are enjoyed by everyone who visits, works, and lives in them.

We deliver practical and profitable design solutions for our clients, adding value to their built assets and property portfolios.

We are reliable and fun to work with.

We create impact by design

As creators of architecture and interior spaces, we strive to improve people’s quality of life within the built environment with good design.

We help our clients - developers, occupiers, users, contractors or consultants - realise their visions and transform their assets into viable spaces and places. Client aspirations and the end user experience drive all our design solutions.

We measure our impact and keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest design trends, emerging and sustainable technologies.  

We understand that the environment we live in is ever-changing

We take the time to evaluate these changes and adapt our design solutions to respond socially, consciously and rationally within the context of any project.

As architects we are in a unique position to be able to make things better, whether it is creating a beautiful inspiring space, adding value to an asset, harmony in an elevation, or a unique detail that makes you smile.

Despite our collective and vast expertise, we are always open to learning more on how to create impactful design in an increasingly complex world.

Our impact to date.

Creating social and economic value in the Built Environment since 2006.

Finished Projects
£25k - £80m
Value range of projects

Quality and creativity underpins everything we do. The project’s impact reflects a sound understanding of a site’s context, planning constraints, opportunities and ways in which to enhance the human experience and our clients’ aspirations.

News and views

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Orbit Architects are proud to be a part of Hotel Property UK - the Association of hospitality professionals engaged in investment, design, development, construction, fit out and maintenance of hotels and short stay accommodation in the UK.