Collective of passionate professionals

We are a collective of talented and passionate design professionals. We encourage our team to bring their genuine selves to our studio as part of an inclusive work culture.

We are deliberately diverse, with different outlooks, backgrounds, disciplines and opinions.

Between us we are from 7 countries and we speak 12 languages.


Ben is an Architect in the Architecture team at Orbit Architects. Ben studied his Part I and Part II at Robert Gordon’s University in Aberdeen, Scotland and completed his Part III at Westminster University.

Ben is currently working on an 8-bed residential scheme in Whitechapel. Previously, he has worked on offices, student accommodation, residential, hotels and even a prison. He helps the Orbit team create well thought out spaces and detailed designs with his 3D modelling and visualisation skills, that help the client fully understand how a design might work.

Ben loves working at Orbit Architects owing to the people and the easy-going nature of the practice. He enjoys being able to have a laugh in the office, while getting the work done. The practice enables you to take ownership of projects - you can be left to work on a project with the support from your colleagues. Given the variety of knowledge and expertise of the team - either for technical or general advice - there is always someone to lend you a helping hand.

Outside of architecture Ben enjoys rugby, snowboarding, running, tennis, photography, furniture design and is a keen chef when at home.

Ben is driven by the ‘Carpe Diem’ philosophy. It motivates him to take on the challenges each day brings either in life or at work. He is not one that is likely to waste a day, and will always find something to do when not working.


Claire is a Team Director at Orbit Architects. She was born and raised in France and qualified as an Architect from Nancy School of Architecture, after spending a year studying abroad at the University of Miami, Florida. Still thirsty for education, she came to England and graduated with a Master’s degree from the Bartlett at UCL where she was taught by Peter Cook (of Archigram fame). Claire is a member of the Ordre des Architectes in France and is registered at the ARB.

At Orbit Claire has been involved in various projects ranging from private residential developments, commercial office CAT-As to the redevelopment of the Scouts Association national sites and a hot Bikram yoga studio. She is at ease at all stages of a project and enjoys designing as much as being on site. She is also in charge of the on-boarding of new team members and makes them feel at ease during their first weeks at Orbit.

Claire is fun, vivacious and enjoys mentoring the younger team. She enjoys working at Orbit, particularly as the emphasis is on sharing knowledge and responsibilities, working hard and equally enjoying fun times together as a group.

When not working, Claire enjoys travel, be it the British Isles, Europe or further afield. She loves sharing time with family and friends, savouring a good meal with a nice glass of wine - French of course! She can be captivated by a good book or indulge in Nordic crime series and loves photography. After practicing dance and mastering the sabre in her younger years, she’s now discovering yoga.

Claire believes that ‘Curiosity is a willing, a proud, and eager confession of ignorance’, coined by S. Leonard Rubinstien is an essential quality for an architect.

As Albert Camus would say, ‘Life is a sum of all your choices’ - so what are you doing today?


Farah Fahmawi is a Part II Architectural Assistant at Orbit Architects, and is currently working towards her Part III qualification and ARB registration. Farah received her Architectural Degree with Honours from the Jordan University of Science and Technology. Farah also received a scholarship from the European Union to be an architect researcher at the University of Lisbon Portugal, to do a study on Urban Design for water flooding and climate change in Europe.

Since joining Orbit, Farah has worked on diverse projects in architecture design and interior fit-out such as large scale commercial, high-end residential buildings, luxurious hotels and workplaces. 

When not working, Farah’s other passion is to travel and explore other countries and cultures. Farah is originally from Jordan, but her heart is divided across all the countries where she has visited. Farah speaks multiple languages, and living abroad has given her the ability to have a wider understanding of people's needs.

While everyone’s definition of success is different, Farah strongly believes that ‘Great things never come from comfort zones.’ Being at Orbit Architects, and working alongside the expert team satisfies her hunger to learn, and be part of challenging projects. Being a part of the Orbit team is also like being part of one big family, where you enjoy fun and social activities, while being supported in your professional development at the same time.

Working at Orbit is one of the main reasons Farah is energised to wake up every morning – besides of course, the best coffee and cookies at the office!


Gediminas Stasaitis is an Architectural Assistant at Orbit Architects. Originally from Lithuania, he studied Architecture at the Welsh School of Architecture in Cardiff.

Gediminas, also known as Ged to his team, joined Orbit in 2020. He has worked on the design of offices, housing and other projects at various stages. There is never a dull moment at Orbit!

Outside of architecture, Ged has a lot of hobbies from painting to programming. He has recently joined a rowing club, and hopes to experience many exhilarating races in a boat with his teammates while boosting his fitness. While reading is not his favorite hobby, he does enjoy the odd sci-fi book and in particular the Dune series by Frank Herbert. This aligns with his love for state-of-the-art technology and what the future holds for us on earth and beyond.

Ged’s interest in science fiction permeates into architectural practice. He is inspired by how technology can play a part in developing tools and software to help create better spatial designs, which in turn would create a better way of life for people using those spaces.

Ged is excited about the impact technology will have on the future of the world humans will inhabit and often dreams about that future world will look like.


Harry is a recently qualified architect with a passion for design, modelling, and visualisation. Following his studies, Harry joined Orbit Architects in 2018 where he has worked on a variety of projects across all stages. Much to his delight, his time at Orbit has taken him abroad to Bosnia and Jordan where he floated in the Dead Sea with his director and client.

Harry studied in London but has lived and worked in Portugal and Canada and takes pride in his inter-continentalism and understanding of imperial scales. His studies took him to Athens, Nepal and India where, with a broken ankle following a cliff-jumping accident, he led a survey of the slums in Agra. He arrived in India on crutches before returning to London one month later with a spring in his step.

At university he balanced the riches of the east with the riches of London where he interviewed Peter Rees (chief planner for the City of London 1985-2014) for his award-winning dissertation.

Although architecture is his first love (after football), Harry is a keen artist and aspiring writer whose imagination is both a strength and weakness. He has a keen eye for detail and believes the built environment should be functional and beautiful.


Jacqueline has worked in the construction industry for over 25 years, starting her career as a Construction Broker in the City of London. Prior to kick-starting her construction career, she lived and worked in Australia for many years, in both Sydney and Melbourne, finally returning to the UK for good in her late 20’s.

Jacqueline’s role at Orbit Architects is to support both the Board & Team Directors to identify new client opportunities, manage existing client relationships; as well as provide support with events and strategic planning to ensure we increase our visibility and future growth.

Jacqueline is also a Trustee of a children’s charity ‘Curve Foundation’, which supports children and young adults with mental health issues, a topic which is very close to her heart. She is passionate about supporting the charity due to her own personal journey with mental health issues throughout the years and is equally passionate about supporting colleagues at Orbit Architects, with whom she has worked with since 2011.

Being a passionate individual, she loves travelling around the globe with her family. She also enjoy exercising, in various formats, as well as reading, diving, snorkelling - well the ocean in general!

She believes that the Architects and Designers at Orbit truly do make a difference to the world we live in through their sustainable and technically viable approach to client briefs. Which in turn creates amazing spaces in all sectors of the industry, for people to enjoy now and in the future.


Llinos heads up interior design projects at Orbit Architects. Having been awarded a First Class BA (Hons) Interior Design degree at Leeds Metropolitan University, Llinos started her career at a large multi-disciplinary firm, before joining Orbit in 2009. Llinos was promoted to Team Director two years later.

The projects she’s worked on vary from student accommodation to private residential projects. Her passion lies with office design though, whether that be a fantastic blank canvas of a brand new space or the challenge of reconfiguring and coordinating an existing office.

There are some that take going to work for granted, while others thoroughly dislike their place of work. So, it brings Llinos great satisfaction to be able to create exciting workplaces for clients. This could be a simple addition of basic facilities for some, and for others it could be adding that wow factor that makes them buzz when they’re at work.

Her Welsh roots mean she’s ridiculously nosey. Checking out what everyone else is doing in the design industry comes naturally to her and provides the best inspiration for her work.

Unashamedly, her absolute first passion is socialising and spending time eating and drinking with friends and family. This might be afternoon tea at the Waldorf or a fine steak at Hawksmoor but you’ll find she’s equally happy on the side-lines of a Welsh rugby game, plastic pint in hand belting out the anthem!

She is a self-proclaimed workaholic. She is in her element when taking on coordination challenges of on an on-site project or presenting a new scheme to a happy client.


Luisa Branas is an ARB registered architect at Orbit. A couple of years after qualifying as an architect in Spain, she returned to University to pursue a MSc in Architecture and Natural Environment to learn about sustainable practices.

After working in Spain for a couple of years, Luisa decided that she needed a change of scenery and moved to the UK looking for better opportunities and a bit of adventure.

She happily landed at Orbit Architects where she has been given the chance of working on different projects, expanding her experience and knowledge. Past projects include Dolphin Bridge House and Heliting House, both conversions of existing office buildings to residential. Currently she is working on Forum One, 45 London Road in Reigate and a new Gym in The Heights.

Outside work, she loves attending live musical events. She also enjoys cuddling with her cat and her husband during a cold evening and watching a home movie.

She is inspired by the new advancements that are driving our industry into a more sustainable manner and keeps up to date with industry developments.

At Orbit every day is different from the previous. You have a different range of project typologies to work on. One day you could be choosing finishes and furniture, the next one designing a bespoke construction detail and the other preparing a photomontage for a preliminary idea to present to the client. Working at Orbit is never boring, and we enjoy a great work-life balance.


Becoming an architect has been Maciej’s childhood dream. He joined Orbit Architects first as an intern. After graduating and working briefly in Poland he came back to Orbit in 2019. Since then, he has worked on a variety of projects across all design stages. He finds construction detailing and on-site coordination the most interesting. Developing final drawings and seeing the building rising on the construction site is what he loves the most about the architect's job.

In his home you will find the piano that he truly loves to play, and the Harry Potter’s books set which he is a fan of. Being active is an important part of his life so when his brain needs a rest, sport is his way to do this. He is lover of nature and mountain trips away from the hustle and bustle of big city life.

Nature has a big impact on his approach to design. He is fascinated by the relationship between a building and its context. Long walks through the city inspire him, he looks for interesting correlations between light, nature and architecture, and tries to capture those short moments in photographs.

Maciej’s ideas and research revolve around the subject of how technology of the future can change the industry, how it can positively impact the sustainability of buildings, and how we can reduce our impact to the ecosystem while developing new buildings.

Maciej always has a smile on his face and enthusiasm in his step.


What can we tell you about Mark? Well, he is a chartered architect, he is one of Orbit’s directors and is one of the founding members of Orbit Architects.

After studying at Nottingham University back in the day, Mark has pretty much tried his hand at everything architecturally ever since, but tends to focus on commercial or residential design projects these days. Be it large developer lead multi-unit housing schemes or mixed-use office projects and that are mostly in town or city centre locations.

He has extensive experience of the design process, from briefing, concept design and planning to technical design, construction and delivery and has worked on a range of projects. Some of which have been in sensitive conservation and heritage locations throughout the UK, as well as here and there in Asia and Eastern Europe.

He still likes drawing and doodling so can be found sketching away with the team in the studio. Having built a thing or two over the years, sometimes with his own hands, he also has a keen interest in modern methods of construction, engineering and related technologies.

As well as architecture, Mark also has a legal background so gets involved with Orbit’s procedures, process management and compliance systems. He has been a member of the Society of Construction Law for several years and helps tutor Orbit’s fledgling architects during their professional exams and acts as an RIBA student mentor.

And if he’s not at work? Well, he’ll probably be out walking the dog or with his head in a mathematics or physics book somewhere.


Matthew completed his MArch at the Sheffield School of Architecture with commendation and has since returned to London to pursue his career further with Orbit Architects. He is currently studying for his Part III at the Bartlett and looks forward to a career developing and expanding his experience in the commercial and private sectors.

An ardent proponent of a healthy work life balance, Matthew is a guest reviewer for Re-Activist studio at the SSoA, an ambassador for the Architect’s Benevolent Society, and was previously elected President of the Sheffield University Architecture Society, where he campaigned for better studio culture & mental health support for students.

In his spare time, Matthew dutifully cares for a growing set of rare botanicals, including east Asian species of Orchids. A favorite pastime is to search out, save & restore antique pieces of furniture – preferably to display his collections of Welsh studio pottery & Japanese ceramics. On a Friday evening he is a devout publican & red wine enthusiast.

Matthew is a firm believer that you learn ‘on & off the job’. Taking the time to socialise with his colleagues outside of the workplace is conducive to a positive & productive work culture in the office. He often wonders ‘how can you design offices /workplaces and not actively participate within the workplace yourself?’

Matthew has learnt from Orbit that you cannot offer an intuitive design without being passionate about what you do, because ultimately you must understand how your designs will function both practically and socially.


Meghna Patel is an architect at Orbit Architects.

She has a BSc in Architecture from University of Florida and an MSc in Planning and Development from University College London. With over 15 years of experience working in architecture practices in London and New York City, she is mostly acquainted with large scale projects such as airports, 400+ unit housing and office towers.

At Orbit Architects, Meghna is working on the Thames Tideway Tunnel Central project involved in the delivery of high-quality designed kiosks in the public realm. She also is working on a guidebook of fire stopping details for the remedial works at Capital Way (housing development).

Meghna is a qualified architect, a former member of the American Institute of Architects and a Mentor at Fluid – a programme that promotes diversity and inclusion in the built environment. Meghna also sits on the connecting communities committee for the London Borough of Waltham Forest.

Before the pandemic and having kids, Meghna was an avid traveler and photographer. When not working, she is slowly renovating her very old house and spending time with her young family. Meghna is motivated by her family, making connections, and planning new adventures.

Meghna believes that Orbit provides a quality no nonsense architecture and design service. It is a humble practice that values their employees. It runs as efficiently as a corporate office but has a small-office friendly culture.


Natalie is an architect with a natural affliction for conceptual design. Spending most of her time at the Oxford School of Architecture defying form and designing space out of shadow, then progressing her investigations in Virtual Reality.

At Orbit Architects, she has become the resident heritage and listed building enthusiast working on properties in the Grosvenor Estates and slowly introducing them to a Revit friendly format.

Natalie’s multicultural background and knack for languages has her traveling every chance she gets. She is especially drawn to the Mediterranean coast line, with dreams of visiting everywhere from the tops on the Andes to Iceland and then back to the Greek islands of course!


Philip studied architecture at the University of Nottingham, graduating with a first class degree many years ago. Prior to founding Orbit Architects, he worked for a major London practice gaining extensive experience and worked with major blue chip commercial clients. He was at the forefront of the Puprose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) sector, and also involved in several iconic hotel developments. Philip set up orbit in 2006 with a wish to get back into practicing architecture and engaging with Clients and Design Teams once again.

Philip has led many projects at Orbit Architects across their key sectors. These include EMEA Headquarters for several global organisations, the Cambridge Graphene Centre, an academic research facility for University of Cambridge, PBSA projects across the UK, development of prestigious hospitality projects, and refurbishment, extension and fit-out of offices. On top of that he has led several high-end residential projects for High Net Worth clients, and schemes creating over 1,000 new homes. Philip led the masterplanning and regeneration of Gilwell Park, for the Scout Association, and then went on to upgrade other Scout Activity Centres. Many of the projects Philip has delivered have a heritage aspect.

Philip has led, and been totally engaged with, every project at Orbit – be it a small toilet refurb or a large multi-million pound new-build. He understands that an architect is in a unique position to be able to makes things better, whether it is creating a beautiful inspiring space, adding value, harmony in an elevation, or a unique detail that makes you smile.

Away from work Philip loves a beach, or a city, or skiing. Always best when enjoyed with great food and a glass of local wine. He chunks through many books a year, swaying between sci-fi, autobiographies and books that tell us what a wonderful world we live in.

Ever the optimist he believes in tomorrow and wants to take us all on that journey to a better world. Especially at Orbit where his energy drives the company forward and makes Orbit a great enthusiastic team.


Prabjyot or ‘Prabz’ to his colleagues graduated his RIBA Part 1 and Part 2 at Kingston University and is currently studying towards his RIBA Part 3 at The University of Westminster.

Before joining Orbit Architects, Prabz had spent four and a half years working with a major global interior design practice where he worked on a range of high-end residential schemes.

While at Orbit, Prabz has been involved in a variety of projects with his recent involvement being in Thames Tideway Tunnel Central, a major infrastructure project based in London, 6-14 High Street, Romford, and Chequer House, both of which are residential projects with one comprising of new development.  Currently, he is working with the Orbit team on Peninsular House which is a CAT-A office refurbishment in the heart of London.

In his spare time, Prabz enjoys creating artwork, long walks, reading and has currently been learning the electric guitar and Unity gaming development. He enjoys most things mechanical and has a habit of dismantling and assembling objects. While at work he is motivated by the challenges and continuous development of each of the projects he works on, seeing each day as a step closer to the final product.

What he loves about Orbit is the forward-thinking nature of the company, the welcoming and friendly members of the team as well as the ongoing support and encouragement that has been provided while at Orbit.


Stefan has (professionally) grown up with Orbit, from joining as a recent Part 2 university graduate to qualifying as an Architect and eventually becoming a Team Director.

A graduate from the Sheffield Hallam University, University of Nottingham and The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, he believes great design is born from understanding the clients aspirations, the building context and its use. This combined with his passion for design, creativity and practicality has led to the successful delivery of a diverse range of projects from offices, student accommodation, residential, places of learning, laboratories, community buildings and in recent years working on historic buildings.

A member of the British Council for Offices he enjoys attending their events and learning how others have achieved inspirational projects and find it useful when both designing and when mentoring our future architects and younger designers.

A fair weather cyclist and reluctant runner, he balances life with being a keen home cook and pint (or two) in a local pub.


Stuart is an Interior Designer at Orbit Architects and works on all stages of the design process, from concept design to design development and team management.

Graduating in Interior Architecture and Design, and with over 10 years in the Industry, Stuart has worked on many international and high-profile projects in the hospitality, commercial and residential sectors and has a wealth of knowledge in the design world. Throughout his career, he has won several awards for projects he has worked on, and has been invited to speak at events during London Design Week.

Since starting at Orbit in 2020, Stuart has worked on a commercial restoration development and is currently lead Interior Designer on a Luxury Hotel Development in Central London.

Outside of the office Stuart has a very keen interest in botany and the environment. With over 70 thousand followers on his botanical social media account, and living with over 150 indoor plants, he loves the fusion between the natural world and modern design. Using colours, patterns and volumes found in nature inspires him, especially in the early stage of the design process.

Stuart always designs with the end user in mind whist still staying true to the project brief and clients design expectations. He constantly pushes boundaries to create something that the client will be delighted with and the end user will talk about for years to come.

At Orbit, Stuart feels like he can really put these challenges into practice and is always supported and encouraged to create truly unique and timeless spaces by his peers.


Tamás works at Orbit Architects as an Architectural Assistant. He holds a Bachelor qualification in Architecture and started his career at a design studio in Budapest, after which he moved to London.

At Orbit Architects he works on hospitality and workplace projects, such as luxury hotels and high quality office spaces in Central London.

His interests in visual arts and culture were apparent early on in his life, as he wanted to become a film director as a child. He considers himself not only a designer, and also enjoys creating visuals and modelling in 3D. He has a keen eye for detail and keeps himself up-to-date with design styles and trends.

In his free time he likes working out and exploring cultural events and interesting places in London

He gets out of the bed every day with the aim to be a better person than he was the day before.  He hopes that his work as an architect could help people to see the world differently and improve their life as well as having a positive impact of the natural environment.

Tamás likes working at Orbit, as it’s a team of colourful and creative people who are self-driven and share the passion for design and architecture.

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