9 Grosvenor Square

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Sensitive refurbishment of a Grade II listed building to create one of London’s finest heritage offices.

Today 9 Grosvenor Square is the only office building on Grosvenor Square. Back in the day, this Grade II listed building was home to John Adams when he served as the first minister from the United States to the Court of St. James’s. It is also the only property on Grosvenor Square to retain its original ‘house’ format.  

The brief for the refurbishment project was to create an enticing design worthy of the historic character of the building. This was achieved by careful thought and creativity. Each level of building is significantly enhanced as you go higher, including opening up the top storey and adding rooflights to filter light in. While much of the building fabric was retained, some clever minor interventions helped to create significant and valuable spaces creating a building of true Mayfair character.

Orbit’s track record of working with heritage buildings continues following the successful delivery of the major refurbishment 9 Grosvenor Square. Designing and delivering the refurbishment was a tall order given the rich history of the building having accommodated former US Presidents and UK Prime Ministers in the past. Property week has reported that 9 Grosvenor Square has commanded one of the highest rents in the UK.

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